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Brother-Lighting Technology Ltd  
Quality & Customer oriented Company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of 
Outdoor and Indoor LED Lighting Products.

Established in 2008, Brother-Lighting has expanded its manufacturing facilities and R&D team and sales team, we are able to supply our customers with the most reliable and highest quality LED lighting products. We stand firm behind our product and quality with an industry best, 5 year full replacement Warranty.
Utilizing new heat treatment technology that is far more efficient and durable than conventional LED designs. With single lamp up to 150W, our product can more accurately replace conventional lighting as use 70% less power than 250W and 400W conventional lighting.

We are committed to quality and reliability of our product. Using innovative technologies and working closely with Quality partner and Certified Testing Agents, we are able to continue to provide better energy savings, and higher quality products to the customer.
Brother-Lighting has also been able to provide lighting products for our customers with unique applications because we have ability to design and fabricate new product with our manufacturing facility and R&D capability.


Our goal 
Our goal is to manufacture and supply the highest quality LED fixtures on the market today. At 
Brother-Lighting, we believe LED lighting will give the customer huge savings in both energy usage and maintenance costs meanwhile protect the environment with Lead-free materials . With a solid network of customer service, we can provide on-site support before and after sales are made.

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